Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A to Z Challenge: E

E = Egads!

Yes, egads. As in, "Eek! I don't know what to write about!" There are all sorts of things that start with the letter E, but I just cannot come up with anything inspiring. So, I thought just writing about how nothing's coming to mind would be fun. Probably boring for you – the reader – but that's OK. I forgive you if you don't read this whole post! ;-)

In my efforts to come up with something to write about, I ran through a list of things that start with the letter E.

Easter. It's coming up, but I don't really wanna write about that at this point. We're not sure what we're doing. I know what I want to do, but that's not what we usually do ... feelings could get hurt ... families can be so messy.

Eggs. YUM! Love 'em. Especially deviled or in egg salad! Good stuff. But, still, not blog-post material. (Maybe if I had a recipe to share, but I don't.)

Elephants. Abby loved elephants when she was in preschool. They were her favorite animals. She had elephants on her clothes, elephant stuffed animals, etc. I have no idea why she loved them, but she did. Nowadays, she says she still likes them but they are not her favorite anymore. She prefers dragons.

I remember having seen a special on PBS about elephants, called Unforgettable Elephants, and it was fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. It's about whether elephants experience emotions (ha! another E word ...) and evidence that perhaps they do. I never gave elephants enough credit before then. I found a new respect for them.

Well, I guess the letter E wasn't all that bad! I can't wait to see what others have come up with! (To see other A to Z Challenge posts, just click on the "Next Blog" or "Surprise Me!" buttons on the top of the right-hand column of this page.)

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