Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A to Z Challenge: D

D = Dr Pepper & Dan

This is a pretty easy one for me. I lucked out! ;-)

Dr Pepper is my drink of choice. You see, I don't drink coffee. HATE it. Tea is OK, but the only tea I like enough to drink in place of Dr Pepper is Chai tea latte. Those are not so easy to make at home, so they're an occasional treat. Dr Pepper is my coffee. In fact, I made the little button you see on the right for the facebook Pieces of Flair app. It was fun! :-)

Dan. (That is an old photo, from 6 years ago, but it's one of the best ones I have.) That's my hubby's name. I like calling him Mr. Ham on here, just because it's kinda fun! LOL We've known – or at least known of – each other since at least junior high. We grew up going to the same church. Somehow (long story), we ended up going to the same high school, and started dating our junior year. We both attended the same college, and got married during winter break of my senior year. (He graduated a semester early, so we decided that was good enough! LOL) We celebrated our 12th anniversary last January. He is one of the best things I've ever done with my life. I don't doubt for a moment that God brought us together. Sometimes we have issues, but we're mostly a perfect match. We compliment each other and more often than not are on the same page for almost every issue we've faced. He is a wonderful man, husband, and father to our kids.

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