Saturday, April 16, 2011

A to Z Challenge: N

N = Nadol, Nepa, Nieffenegger,
Northrop, & Numeroff

I was stumped, absolutely stumped today. I considered "No Idea" as well as books with an N title. Nothing really rung true. But I decided to stick with the book theme, and check out (via Goodreads) my list of N authors. Perfect!

Jen Nadol ~ Her debut novel, The Mark, came out last year. It was very good. It's first in a series, and I'm very much looking forward to the release of Book 2, The Vision.

Andrea Nepa ~ Last year I had the pleasure of getting to review her children's book, Red in the Flower Bed. It's about adoption, and it is wonderfully written. And the illustrations are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Their beauty is not adequately shown on any photos I've seen. When I opened the book, it is just breathtaking!

Audrey Nieffenegger ~ Author of one of the best books ever, The Time Traveler's Wife. This book was recently made into a movie, and it doesn't do the book justice. The book is so amazing. One of the best books ever – also one of the saddest ... but so GOOD! I'd like to say I want to read this again and again. But, I don't know. It haunted me for a while. Fabulous, fabulous book. I haven't read her others yet, but Her Fearful Symmetry is high on my list of books to read soon!

Michael Northrop ~ Fabulous YA author. I read his latest book, Trapped, last month and it was very, very well written.

Laura Numeroff ~ Author of several, very clever, fun children's books, the first of which (at least to my knowledge) is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The book is so cute, so clever. I find it fascinating. To come up with something like that would take painfully long! LOL My kids love her books, and we have several of them.

(In the interest of full disclosure, most book-title links in this post are to reviews I have written and posted on my book blog, Proud Book Nerd. If I haven't written a review, then the link goes to the Goodreads page for the book.)

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