Monday, April 11, 2011

A to Z Challenge: I


Friday we have Grant's annual review of his IEP (Individual Education Plan), and for once I'm not all that worried. Those of you who know me know I've been worried about his development for since about when he turned 3. We even went so far as to have him evaluated by a team of doctors/specialists at the children's hospital in Iowa City (affiliated with the University of Iowa). You see, one of the speech pathologists we were talking to wouldn't stop talking about ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and putting him in a special education class for preschool. Neither of those sat right with me. I felt like she was pushing her own ideas. I think that when she first met us, she thought she had an instinctive inkling about him, and she saw what she saw based on that. Filtered through her initial impressions.

All along, our fabulous pediatrician kept telling me he thought Grant was just fine and was taking his time on the verbal development. Iowa City agreed with him, and flat-out denied any thoughts of ASD. All he needs is speech therapy. I felt like a butt for not having trusted our pediatrician, but he never once felt like I was doing the wrong thing. He agreed with our going to Iowa City – gave us the needed referral, etc. Even now when I talk to him about it, he just reminds me how very different each child is. (You see, Grant's sisters are both WAY ahead of the curve in verbal development.)

Since all of that went down, I have occasionally talked to Grant's teacher and speech therapist about concerns I had. Most of the time, they assured me that he's fine and just being Grant. We went so far as to have a long meeting in December, during which I asked if we should take him back to Iowa City. They didn't think so. They increased his speech therapy a little, but that's about it. And he's improving in huge strides as of late. (Part of my concern is that next school year he starts kindergarten!)

We are required to meet regarding Grant's IEP ever year – I think it's a state requirement. Every three years he has to be re-evaluated. (I'm thinking that when the time comes, we'll go back to Iowa City.)

So, on Friday we go back in to just update on how he's responded to changes made in December. From what I can see, it was just what he needed – praise God!



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