Thursday, April 7, 2011

A to Z Challenge: F

F = Favorites

As I have previously mentioned, I follow a blog called That's My Answer. Yesterday, it just so happened to ask a question I thought would work for today's post.

What are 10 of YOUR favorite things?
  1. God/Jesus ~ My Faith is an integral part of me. It's so fundamentally part of me that there's just no separating me from it. God has always been faithful to provide what we need, whether it's money or a job or guidance. 
  2. My family ~ I felt guilty when I realized that for "A" I didn't use Abby! :-( I can't believe I did that. But, that doesn't mean anything regarding the status of my family. My husband and children are the best things I've ever done with my life, the best gifts God has ever given me. 
  3. Books/Reading ~ Just check out Proud Book Nerd, if you don't believe me. That is ALL me. I do that 100% by myself.
  4. Music ~ It's probably equal to books/reading. If I had to choose between sight and hearing, I'd probably pick hearing. While I love reading, I can always listen to an audio book if I was unable to read.
  5. Cats ~ I waxed poetic about them for my "C" post. They make me happy! :-)
  6. Thunderstorms ~ I'll settle for any old rain, but thunderstorms make me especially happy. I've no idea why. They just make me think of God's awesome power, I guess. I love the smell of rain, the sound of the thunder, the way the grass is BRIGHT green after the storm is over. 
  7. Starbuck's Birthday Cake Pops ~ OMGosh! Those are SO GOOD! I have to get less of my chai simply because if I stop for that I have to get one of these, too!
  8. Dr Pepper ~ I don't do coffee. Can't stand the stuff.
  9. Skillet ~ My absolute favorite musical group. I saw them in concert last year and the year before that, and they were phenomenal!
  10. Lilacs ~ They are my favorite flower because of how fragrant they are. It's a shame they don't last longer in the spring!

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