Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blog Journal: Day 17

I think that after this I'm all caught up ... for now.

The Question: What are your pet peeves?

My Answer: I hate this question. Because it makes me feel like a mean bitch. You see, I'm not the most tolerant of people. So, I'll make a short list – listing them all would take too long ...
  • Whiny kids – yes, even my own.
  • People driving BELOW the speed limit.
  • People not using their turn signals when driving.
  • Fake people.
  • Complete disregard for proper English (in writing – I can ignore it during verbal communication). If you can't spell (your ≠ you're!!!!!) or use proper capitalization/punctuation, perhaps writing isn't for you. Also, unless you're TEXTING via cell phone, DO NOT use TEXTING abbreviations when writing to me. Ever!
And I'm gonna stop now! LOL

Up Next: Collections. Share stories and/or photos of things you collect. (Can I take pics of the dust bunnies under my bed?)

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