Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Journal: Day 10

Today's question: What are you afraid of?

My answer: More things than I should be. As a born-again Christian, I should have no fear. I should be able to fully 100% trust in God for EVERYTHING. And, believe me, I'm trying! But, there are still things that get to me. I actually recently posted about my fears. So, rather than rewriting it, here's a link:
Top Five Fears

I would add a few things to the list: rejection, abandonment, failure. To name a few.

Fear is something I've always really, really struggled with. In fact, I used to love scary (and not just horror flicks, but supernatural thrillers, too) movies, but decided a few years ago that it was not something I should do. I struggle enough with fear, why invite it in like that? Since then, I've been a LOT better. It's still a struggle, though.


Head on over to Toddler Awesome if you wanna play along and/or read others' blog journals. Tomorrow will be all about where we live.



Mimi said...

Oh I wish I could lead a fearless life!

I'm stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

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