Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog Journal: Day 4

I missed my chance to post this yesterday. It was a busy day. We were doing some yard/garden work, and I have been working on a top-secret project for Proud Book Nerd. That is keeping me VERY busy. So, if I'm quieter than normal (here or there), that would be why. I hope to share what I'm working on soon.

Anyway, yesterday's journal post was about your favorite vacation. Unfortunately, I don't have time for a snazzy graphic. I'm not sure I can even find pictures, but I can at least talk about it, right? ;-)

It's hard for me to pick a favorite. For one, we don't go on a lot of vacations. For another, the ones we have taken have been great.

We've been to San Diego (vacation for me, hubby was there for work), New England (Maine, Boston, New Hampshire), Europe (France and Germany), and Florida (a few times) – to name a few places.

San Diego was awesome, but not as warm as I'd expected. But, it was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely beautiful. I'd go back there in a heartbeat.

New England was LOVELY. We were there in mid-June, and it was GORGEOUS. Plus, the lobster in Maine was AWESOME. (Lobster here in the Midwest sucks!) The hubby and I both REALLY liked it. If it wasn't so dang expensive, I could totally see us living there. Although, the corn they served us with the lobster was HORRIBLE. Absolutely horrible. Before then, I didn't know it was possible to ruin corn! LMAO This Midwestern girl wouldn't do well without GOOD corn!;-)

Europe could've been better. Why? Well, for one, I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Grant, and I felt icky. It's hard to fully enjoy a vacation when you can hardly eat and you have the energy of a sloth. Plus, honestly, it was like my hubby's dream vacation. We visited his family in Germany (which was great, and that part wasn't the dream vacation part), but spent most of our two weeks there in FRANCE, of all places. Now, I don't mind France. It's cool to be able to say I've been to Paris. And Versailles. And Normandy. And a place I can't remember the name of, but it was really cool. But, well, I can't say I ever had a desire to really go there much. I'd rather go to Italy. But, given where we were, the proximity to France just made more sense. And, again, I was feeling ICKY. I am sure that, despite being stuck in France, if I was feeling fine, I would've had a grand time – and it would be my favorite! LOL

Florida has a few trips. Our honeymoon, for one. That was nice – New Smyrna Beach. Of course, it was in January, so it wasn't all that warm, but it was a heckuva lot warmer than in Chicago. And it was GORGEOUS. There was another trip when we went to Ft. Lauderdale and took a short cruise to the Bahamas. I think, honestly, this was the most fun. We made friends – people we visited in Boston, actually. And for whatever reason, I have the most warm fuzzies when I think of that vacation. If warm fuzzies don't mean something, I don't know what does! ;-)

So, there you have it. A rundown of the few vacations we've taken. Only one since having babies – unless you count weekend getaways ...


What are your favorite vacation memories? Head on over to Toddler Awesome if you wanna play along!



Kristi said...

I'm juggling too lol I think playing catch up is just going to have to be a part of this.

You've been a lot of places!

UKZoe said...

My husband insists to this day that he took me to Paris for Valentines day. We were at Euro Disney, with the kids!

JanMary @ said...

New England is among my faves before the kids, and this year we are ALL going to Boston and Cape Cod - can't wait.

I was in France for 2 of my 3 pregnancies - all that wine and soft cheese I missed!!!

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