Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Your Kids' (or Future Kids') Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

How could I resist another opportunity to talk about my little loves? This is hosted at Kelly's Korner. The objective is to share how you came up with your kids' names (I think).

Abigail Frances
We chose Abigail as our first daughter's name years before we were even ready to discuss having kids. We just knew that if we had a girl, THIS was her name. Frances is my mom's middle name. Family tradition on my mom's side (before I was born) was to name your daughter after your mother. Well, my mom partially kept that – she gave me her mom's middle name, but chose the first name. So, we followed her leave, and lucked out that Abigail and Frances go very nicely together! ;-)

Grant Daniel
We had the HARDEST time agreeing on a boy's name. Before Abby was born, Andrew was our boy name, but DH's brother used it a year before our son was born. That name was out. We tossed around a LOT of names. When I was ending the first trimester, I threw some names out at Abby while in the car one day. All of them received a giggle followed by "no." When I said Grant, she said, "Grant. Yes, Grant." She called him that pretty much from that moment on – even though we didn't officially decide to name him Grant until after he was born. He is named after his father in that his middle name, Daniel, is my husband's first name.

Natalie Elizabeth
Natalie was the #2 girl's name on our list when Abby was born. I wanted to explore other options, but my husband really liked the name Natalie. I eventually caved. To be honest, I still really liked it – just wanted to make sure it was THE NAME. Elizabeth is after my grandmother – it's the name I would've been given if my mom had followed tradition. My grandmother passed away when I was in the third grade, and every day I miss her. This was my way of keeping her with us. Plus, I think Natalie and Elizabeth go well together, too.



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