Saturday, May 15, 2010

Small Talk Six: The Name Game

This week's topic is about names for your kids. Share the names you considered with your kids. Since I have three kids, and the names in consideration were different each time, I'll share what we considered for all of them. Instead of just listing six names, I'll write six paragraphs (which, according to this week's post, is just fine) – two for each child. (This one doesn't count!)

We considered LOTS of names for our sweet Abigail. The other girl names we considered included Natalie, Isabella (Bella for short), Frances (which is her middle name), Lily, Ilena (or Elena), and Elizabeth (which is Natalie's middle name).

The boy names we considered for Abigail included Andrew (the only one we could agree on), Hayden, Zachary, Alexander, Anthony, and Ryan.

We knew he was a boy pretty early on – before I was 15 weeks pregnant. So, we didn't really discuss girl names for him from that point on. In fact, I don't remember any girl names we had even briefly considered prior to that point.

We had a tough time with boy names. Our top one was taken a year earlier by my brother-in-law for his son, so Andrew was out. Alexander was our second favorite when Abby was cookin', but also was used by family. Instead, we considered Nathaniel, Anthony James (AJ for short), Ryan, Nicholas (almost named him this, but decided not to because I knew our next girl would be Natalie – I didn't want Natalie and Nicky), Benjamin, and Ethan.

My husband was pretty set on girl names this time around. Despite my best efforts, he wasn't really open to any names other than Natalie for her. But, a few I liked included Lyla, Allison (thought Abby and Ally was cute), Lucy, Penelope (Penny), Kate, and Gwen (probably short for something, which I cannot remember at the moment, but not Gwyneth).

We hardly discussed boy names, because we just do NOT have similar tastes when it comes to boy names (probably why God gave us two girls LOL). We discussed it a little early on, but because of ongoing disagreements in that area decided to wait until we knew what gender we were having. Once we knew we didn't need a boy name, we stopped talking about it. But, we did consider some, including Ryan, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Harrison, Anthony, and Edward.



Christine D. said...

Awesome to read!! I always wondered how you came up with their names. :-) And I remember the difficult time you had with Grant's name!

Here's mine:

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