Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Comments

Like most other bloggers out there, I LOVE comments. It's great to know that others read my writing, AND have something to say about it. What irks me, though, is those who never, ever respond to – or at least acknowledge – comments on their own blog. I understand it can be time consuming, but readers like to KNOW that their comments have been received by the one to whom they are directed.

Those who do respond or otherwise acknowledge comments seem to have different ways of doing so. Some respond within the post's comments, making it kind of a discussion thread. But, that only actually develops into a discussion if those leaving comments are following that particular "thread" for responses. Then, if it's a high-trafficked post with lots of comments, the inbox can get cluttered by a bunch of updates.

Another response method I've seen more recently is the blog author responds via e-mail. They respond to the e-mail notification of the new comment, which has the e-mail of the comment-leaver as the sent/reply-to address. That's harder to miss – unless, of course, your e-mailed response gets filed into the bulk/junk mail folder. But, this is particularly good for potentially explosive topics where the author doesn't want to start drama.

I'm not sure if there's some other response method out there. If there is, I haven't seen it yet!

I was wondering, what do YOU prefer? I'd like to hear what my readers like. I might even generate a poll for this. For now, please comment with your thoughts.

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